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Saturday, January 05, 2002

GLBT NEWZ Gay TV Listings 01/05 - 01/10


sat. 5

100 CENTRE STREET MARATHON: A recap of all the second season episodes featuring out and proud judge Attallah Sims (LaTanya Richardson, who's married to Samuel L. Jackson). (9 hrs.) A&E starting at 10 a.m. CC
THREE TO TANGO: A straight architect (Matthew Perry) pretends to be gay in order to get closer to the woman of his dreams. (1 hr., 40 min.) HBO at 1:45 p.m. CC
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS: Three classic episodes of the hedonistic, self-absorbed duo of Patsy and Edina. (2 hrs.) Comedy Central at 6 p.m. CC
G.I. JANE: When Lt. Jordan O'Neil (Demi Moore) becomes the first female allowed to train for the Navy SEALs, her male officers embark on a lesbian-baiting mission, sending a photographer to follow O'Neil hoping to catch her with a woman. (3 hrs.) ABC at 8 p.m. CC
PERRY MASON: Gay actor Raymond Burr plays the title character who solves the "Case of the All-Star Assassin." (2 hrs.) Court TV at 9 p.m.
IN THE LIFE: A rerun episode of the gay newsmagazine. (1 hr.) PBS, check local listings. CC
BEYOND CHANCE: A show about supernatural and miraculous experiences hosted by Melissa Etheridge. (1 hr.) Lifetime at 11 p.m. and weekdays at 10 a.m. CC

sun. 6

EASTENDERS: Two back-to-back episodes of the British soap opera, which features a gay couple among its convoluted cast. (30 min.) PBS, check local listings.
BEDAZZLED: When a computer geek (Brendan Fraser) makes a deal with the devil (Elizabeth Hurley) to be hip, stylish and witty, she makes him gay. (1 hr. 35 mins.) HBO at 1:45 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. CC
FUTURAMA: The Professor's "What If" machine turns the crew into real "Friends of Dorothy," as each member takes on the personality of a different character from the "Wizard of Oz." (30 mins.) Fox at 7 p.m. CC
LOS BELTRAN: Spanish-language sitcom featuring a Gay couple as the next-door neighbors. (30 min.) Telemundo at 8 p.m.
SEX & THE CITY: The new season starts with Carrie and Aiden moving in and Samantha having an affair with her boss. (30 mins.) HBO at 9 p.m. CC
THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS: Jodie Foster plays an FBI agent trying to stop a gay serial killer. The film won five Oscars, but gay activist groups protested its familiar "gay menace" theme. (2 hrs.) A&E at 8 p.m
QUEER AS FOLK: Will Justin survive his gay bashing? Will Michael leave the jerky Doctor David? Find out as the gayest of all shows debuts its second season. (1 hr.) Showtime at 10 p.m. CC

mon. 7

REGIS AND KELLY: Gay actor Ian McKellan visits the dynamic duo. (1 hr.) ABC at 9 a.m. CC
ALL MY CHILDREN: This long-running serial now features Bianca, the lesbian daughter of legendary Erica Kane (Susan Lucci). (1 hr.) ABC Weekdays at 1 p.m.
AN IDEAL HUSBAND: Gay actor Rupert Everett stars as a man reluctant to marry in an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's comedic play. (1 hr. 45 mins) Encore at 1:10 p.m. CC
BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: Watch the series from the beginning; the reruns are just as fun. (1 hr.) Weekdays on FX at 7 p.m. CC
MASTERPIECE THEATRE: An adaptation of lesbian novelist Willa Cather's novel "The Song of the Lark." (2 hrs.) WETA at 9 p.m. CC
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS: THE LAST SHOUT: The movie that concluded the original series, which just recently came back for more. (3 hrs.) Comedy Central at 9 p.m. CC
IN THE LIFE: A look at gays in the military and the Gay Financial Network's 25 most powerful gay executives. (1 hr.) PBS, check local listings.

tue. 8

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: Buffy is having a hard time helping Willow recover, and fighting with Spike and being blasted by an invisibility ray aren't helping! (1 hr.) UPN at 8 p.m. CC
QUEER AS FOLK: See Sunday at 10 p.m. listing. (1 hr.) Showtime at 11 p.m.

wed. 9

ED WOOD: Wonderfully acted biography of Ed Wood, the cross-dressing director of "Glen or Glenda?" or "I Changed My Sex," as well as other cinematic turkeys. (2 hrs. 10 mins.) Encore at 5:50 p.m.CC
SEX & THE CITY: See Sunday at 9 p.m. listing. (30 mins.) HBO at 9 p.m.CC
SIX FEET UNDER: Repeats of the first season of gay creator Alan Ball's hit series. (1 hr.) HBO at 10 p.m. CC
THE TONIGHT SHOW: Elton John visits Jay Leno, along with Tom Cruise (Disclaimer: Tom Cruise is not gay, he's just happens to be on the same show as Sir Elton). (1 hr.) NBC at 11:35 p.m. CC

thu. 10

BEING JOHN MALKOVICH: Twisted omnisexual film featuring Cameron Diaz and Catherine Keener as lovers. (2 hrs.) The Movie Channel at 11:10 a.m. CC
OF HUMAN BONDAGE: An adaptation of gay novelist W. Somerset Maugham's classic about a medical student who is devoured by his love for a waitress (Bette Davis). (1 hr. 25 mins.) Turner Classic Movies at 4 p.m.
SURVIVOR: See who beat gay survivor Brandon during the series finale. (3 hrs.) CBS at 8 p.m. CC
WILL & GRACE: After a repeat episode where Jack meets Cher, there's a new episode where Leslie Ann Warren returns playing Will's father's mistress. (1 hr.) NBC at 9 p.m. CC
BOUNCE: Ben Affleck takes the advice of his gay best friend (Johnny Galecki) and checks up on the widow of a man for whose death he feels responsible. From gay writer/director Don Roos. (1 hr. 50 mins.) Starz! at 5:40 p.m. CC
MARLENE DIETRICH: HER OWN SONG: A documentary, made by Dietrich's gay grandson about the legendary bisexual screen star. (1 hr. 45 mins.) Turner Classic Movies at 7 p.m.
SIX FEET UNDER MARATHON: Five rerun episodes in a row. (5 hrs.) HBO starting at 8 p.m. CC
THE ELLEN SHOW: Ellen returns to her old time slot, where she finds out her sister and her friend Rusty are secretly dating. At least her sister isn't channeling an alien. (30 mins.) CBS at 8:30 p.m. CC

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New Hampshire Priest Could Become World's First Out Anglican Bishop

by Newscenter Staff
(January 5, Boston) The assistant to the Episcopal Bishop of New
Hampshire could succeed his boss when Bishop Douglas Theuner retires
in 2004.
The Rev. Canon Gene Robinson said he is weighing a bid for the
office. If he is successful Robinson would be the first gay Anglican
bishop in the world.
The Episcopal church is divided on the issue of gay clergy and
whether to bless same-sex unions.
"This is a huge issue in our church domestically and overseas," said
Robinson. "My hope is that Episcopalians and Anglicans around the
world will continue to go to the altar rail and take communion while
we figure this out."
Officially, the Episcopal church frowns on gay clergy. A 1979
resolution recommended against the ordination of gay clergy. But
because the policy is not a binding church law, many Episcopal clergy
are openly gay. A former bishop of Utah came out after his
The church has no official position on same-sex unions and allows
individual ministers to exercise their discretion.
Robinson, 54, said being gay may have cost him the bishop's position
in Rochester, N.Y., in 1999.
"It was a very close vote," he said. He lost 36-34 among clergy and
83-75 among lay voters. "I find it hard to believe that my sexuality
was not a problem for some people."
Yet Robinson does not feel his sexuality was an issue in Newark,
N.J., which he labelled a more liberal community than Rochester. In
1998, he came in third in his bid for bishop behind two local
And Robinson believes his sexuality would be a non-issue in New
Hampshire, where he has ministered for 26 years. "My passion is for
the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not for promoting some social agenda," he
said. "My being gay is rarely alluded to by me or the congregation."

Mayor Threatens To Veto Rights Law

by Newscenter Staff
(January 5, St. Petersburg, FLA) St. Petersburg mayor Rick Baker is
threatening to veto a gay rights law passed Thursday by city council.
Baker, a devout Baptist, said after Friday, " I believe the city has
a responsibility to balance the rights of all our citizens. [By this
vote] the city is requiring that a portion of our community must
support and protect a lifestyle which is expressly rejected by the
tenets of their religious beliefs,''
The city council voted 6-2 to include ``sexual orientation'' in the
protection against discrimination in housing and employment.
The city's 20-year-old human rights ordinance already includes race,
colour, religion, ancestry, sex, national origin, age, disability,
place of birth and marital status. It defines sexual orientation as
``an individual's actual or perceived heterosexuality, homosexuality
or bisexuality.''
Even if Baker vetoes the ordinance, it appears the council has the
required three- fourths supermajority to override a mayoral veto.
Still, the bill does not include the transgendered.
Jessica Archer, of the gay rights group Equality Florida, said a
motorist outside city hall verbally abused two transgendered
residents and threatened to kill one after they left a council
meeting on the amendment Dec. 20. ``That happened right outside this
door,'' Archer told the council Thursday. ``And yes, if you add
gender identity to this ordinance, it won't cover that. But you will
send a message that transgendered people count.''

Gay Lawyer Olympic Torchbearer

by Newscenter Staff
(January 5, Detroit) The Olympic torch arrives in Michigan on Sunday,
on its way to the Winter Games in Salt Lake City.
Among a group of distinguished citizens invited to carry the torch
through Detroit and Ann Arbour will be gay lawyer Rudy Serra. But, he
almost rejected the request thinking it was a joke.
When he got his Olympic-torch packet in the mail, he initially
thought someone was playing a trick on him. "So I tossed it aside,"
he says.
Finally realizing it was for real -- a friend nominated him for his
work on behalf of gay rights, though didn't tell him -- Serra found
himself more excited than he might have anticipated.
"I'm just honored and complimented beyond description," he told the
Detroit news.
"I just think this year the Olympics are going to be more symbolic
than usual."
Serra has been a long time gay advocate in the Motor City and has sat
on the board of the Triangle Foundation, Michigan's most-influential
gay advocacy group.
He has also taken on many gay-rights cases in his practice, as well
as serving as an Oakland County commissioner and a school board
Serra once ran cross-country in high school, but the Olympic-torch
committee "didn't pick me for my athletic skills," he says. "It's
been a long time since I ran cross-country." Nonetheless, he's been
training by running in place with a 5-pound weight in his hand.

GLBT Activists Protest Supermarket Chain

by Ann Rostow, / Network
(January 4, Jacksonville, FLA) About three dozen members of the GLBT
community protested outside the Jacksonville headquarters of grocery
chain Winn-Dixie for several hours on January 4.
The demonstrators, who traveled from eight states for the event, were
marking the second anniversary of the day Winn-Dixie fired Peter
Oiler, a veteran employee who cross-dressed in his off time.
The American Civil Liberties Union filed suit on behalf of the New
Orleans-based Winn-Dixie truck driver in October of 2000, nine months
after he was terminated. Since then, the Oiler case has sparked a
community boycott against the chain, inspired the annual
demonstration in Jacksonville and led to a Web site called
This year's demonstration was overshadowed by the mid-December
killing of activist Terrianne Summers, a 51-year-old transwoman who
was shot in the back of the head in her driveway.
Summers, who was outspoken in the Jacksonville community and who
helped organize the actions against Winn-Dixie, left two kids and a
spouse. Her death, which did not appear to be a robbery, remains
under investigation.
Eric Ferrero, spokesman for the ACLU's Gay and Lesbian Project, said
this year's protest was marked by "the bravery of people who showed
up just a couple of weeks after Terrianne's murder, and were visible
and vocal and not driven by fear." Terrianne Summers' presence, said
Ferrero, "was certainly felt" throughout the crowd.
Peter Oiler wrote in a message to the protesters: "This letter from
my wife Shirley and myself is to let you all know that we greatly
appreciate all that Terrianne Summers and others have done and
continue to do for the gender community. The simple actions that you
and others continue to take in this and other issues will be helpful
in reaching the final goal. The goal for people to live in peace and
understanding without fear." According to Ferrero, the Winn-Dixie
lawsuit is scheduled for a July trial. But both parties have until
May 12 to file pretrial motions, and it's possible that either Winn-
Dixie or the ACLU will send the case down a new track by filing a
motion for summary judgment.

Tammy Faye to star in Miami Beach show

Former televangelist and author Tammy Faye will present her one-woman
show Doing It My Way at 8 p.m. Jan. 26 at the Jackie Gleason Theater,
1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach.
Faye will sing, share personal stories and talk about her eventful
The opening act is Los Angeles-based comedian Bob Smith, author of
the best-selling collection Openly Bob, winner of the 1998 Lambda
Literary Award, and Way To Go Smith! He is the first openly gay
comedian to appear on The Tonight Show as well as to star in his own
HBO special. Tickets range from $29 to $75 and may be purchased at
the Jackie Gleason Theater box office. Tickets are also available
through Ticketmaster. For general information, call the Jackie
Gleason Theater Hotline at 305-673-7300.

Wanna Be's mens club, Cocoa Beach, Fl.
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Friday, January 04, 2002

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New Theory on Origin of AIDS Proposed

Could a relatively harmless monkey virus called simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) have mutated into the deadly AIDS virus as a result of the repeated use of unsterilized hypodermic needles among 23 million Africans to whom penicillin was administered during the 1950s?
Could the use of unsterilized needles worldwide be the major cause of the current spread of AIDS?
These are the two startling hypotheses of an article titled "The Injection Century," in the December 8, 2001 issue of The Lancet. The principal author of the article is Ernest M. Drucker, PhD, of Montefiore Medical Center's Department of Epidemiology and Social Medicine, Bronx, New York.
"It would be a cruel irony if the introduction of antibiotics into Africa in the last years of the colonial period should be associated with the origins of the HIV pandemic," say Drucker and coauthors P.G. Alcabes, PhD, of Hunter College School of Health Sciences and P.A. Marx, PhD, of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center at The Rockefeller University.
How did the monkey virus, usually short-lived in humans, become transformed into AIDS? The authors attribute the species crossover to a process called "serial passage." African hunters had, for millennia, become infected with the relatively harmless SIV through bites, cuts, and blood exposure in the course of hunting and butchering monkeys but without the appearance of HIV.
What event occurred in Africa in the mid-20th century to cause several SIVs and the emergence of several strains of HIV in a relatively brief period?
That event was the use of unsterile syringes and needles during the massive UN-sponsored campaign to combat Yaws and other diseases, according to the authors, who hypothesize that serial passage occurred in the following way: each time an SIV-infected person was injected with penicillin, and the needle was used again, it passed on a slightly mutated version of the SIV virus to the next person injected. The virus kept adapting to each new environment, and after half a dozen mutations it was transformed into AIDS.
Drucker and his colleagues also suggest that the current spread of AIDS and hepatitis C virus (HCV) is due largely to massive unsterile injections not only of illicit drugs (there are now 10 to 15 million injectors of illicit drugs around the globe), but also of drugs used in medical practice (80,000 to 160,000 new HIV infections per year, and 2.3 to 4.7 million new HCV infections per year) and "self injections" of medications, especially in Africa and developing countries.
While the authors agree that there is a greater awareness of this problem today they note that" as recently as 1998, the World Health Organization still recommended reuse of syringes up to 200 times in vaccination programs - relying on sterilization routines the WHO's own studies show are usually not followed."
Montefiore Medical Center is the university hospital and academic medical center for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. This article was prepared by AIDS Weekly editors from staff and other reports. ©Copyright 2001, AIDS Weekly via &

Sex & The City Bonus Episodes Among Series' Finest

by Tim Goodman
Lost in the hoopla around here about who gets cable and who uses an antenna and how much does it cost to buy just the local channels is this little nugget: Millions of people in the Bay Area not only get loads of extra channels on cable, but they also get premium channels like HBO and Showtime.
For those people, this is a big weekend.
Look for the second season premiere of "The Chris Isaak Show" (10:45 p.m. Sunday) on Showtime, as well as the second season of "Queer as Folk" (10 p.m. Sunday), also on Showtime. Over on HBO, you can get another bleak and weird view of prison with the start of the fourth season of the gritty "Oz" (10 p.m. Sunday).
Without question, however, it's the "bonus season" of HBO's "Sex and the City" that merits attention. There are six new episodes that belonged with the fourth season last fall but were delayed (not by the events of Sept. 11, as has been suggested, but the long-forgotten writers and actors strike, which shut down production temporarily).
On Sunday, viewers will be treated to a run of what is arguably the show's finest episodes. This coming after a superb, if shortened, recent season that saw our four heroines begin the often painful task of, well, maturing.
"Sex and the City" is one of those shows to which the majority of current fans came late, perhaps missing all of the first season, if not some of the second. But as water-cooler talk heated up and the Emmy nominations (and magazine covers) started rolling in, "Sex and the City" went from cult to pay-cable hit in record time.
After teetering ever so briefly on the threshold of cutesy sameness (can you blame them for not altering the formula of four girls who just wanna have fun?), "Sex and the City" took a monumentally bold step this year in ratcheting up the drama, as all four thirtysomethings began to introspectively dissect their lives and take the painful steps of lurching out of their comfy routines and into the grayness of maturity.
The first 12 episodes of Season 4 went off without a misstep, advancing the characters' lives and doubling the difficult decisions of each. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Aiden (John Corbett) are engaged now and have moved in together. Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is pregnant and will raise the kid as a single mom. Charlotte (Kristin Davis) has infertility problems, and her marriage to Trey (Kyle MacLachlan) is rockier than ever. And Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is in danger of moving from no-string flings to a real relationship.
In the "bonus season" six episodes, those story lines become blooming fruit. The writers aren't being coy about milking situations or dragging out scenarios -- the last episodes close in a flurry of dramatic crescendoes.
As usual, the writing remains both deftly funny and flippant but also touchingly, painfully real. "Sex and the City" is no longer primarily about shopping for shoes or getting into the right clubs while honing dating skills. The stakes are clearly raised, and how these four women deal with them makes you wonder why the series is relegated to the comedy category. Most of the finest dramas on television would kill for material executed this thoughtfully. Given that "Sex and the City" viewing parties are still the rage, there will be no spoilers here. Just remember that life in New York is different now, for everybody.

Court rejects civil unions challenge

Ross Sneyd, Associated Press
Thursday, January 3, 2002 / 05:21 PM
SUMMARY: Vermont's Supreme Court has rejected a challenge to the state's civil unions law.
MONTPELIER, Vt. -- Vermont's Supreme Court has rejected a challenge to the state's civil unions law granting gay couples many of the rights and benefits of marriage.
In a Dec. 26 order signed by all five justices and released Thursday, the court turned aside claims brought by taxpayers, legislators and town clerks.
They had made two main claims: One asserted that the civil unions law is invalid because 14 members of Vermont's House who supported it bet on the outcome of a preliminary House vote. In the other, town clerks argued that the law is unconstitutional because it forces them to violate their religious beliefs that homosexuality is wrong by issuing civil union licenses to couples.
The high court said it was up to the House to decide whether the legislators who placed the $1 bets should have been disqualified. It said the dispute involved "matters constitutionally entrusted to the sound and exclusive judgment of the House, not to this court."
The justices did not rule directly on the claim that the law violates town clerks' religious beliefs. But it described as "highly questionable" the "proposition that a public official Â. can retain public office while refusing to perform a generally applicable duty of that office on religious grounds."
Also, the court said the law accommodates the town clerks' concerns by explicitly permitting them to appoint an assistant to issue the licenses.
The civil unions law, passed in 2000, gives gay couples the closest thing in America to marriage. No other state has such a law.
Erik Stanley, a lawyer for the groups that sued, said they have no other legal recourse. "Really, I guess, the next option would be for the people of Vermont to go back to the legislature and get the legislature to deal with the problem by repealing the law or by enacting more stringent laws prohibiting gambling on the House floor," Stanley said.

Governor picks gay running mate

John McElhenny, Associated Press
Thursday, January 3, 2002 / 05:23 PM
SUMMARY: Acting Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift picked a gay staff member as her running mate in the 2002 election, dismissing questions about their youthfulness and disagreement over gay marriage.
BOSTON -- Acting Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift picked a gay staff member who has served as a legislator and suburban mayor as her running mate in the 2002 election, dismissing questions about their youthfulness and disagreement over gay marriage.
Swift, 36, announced her selection of Patrick C. Guerriero, 33, on Thursday.
"It is a great challenge to be your running mate and I accept it," Guerriero said.
Guerriero will challenge millionaire James Rappaport, the former state GOP chairman and the only declared Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, in the September primary.
Swift, a Republican, had publicly stated she does not want to run with the more conservative Rappaport, citing personality differences. She took a jab at him at Thursday's news conference, saying she was happy to be running with someone who never lost an election. Rappaport was defeated by U.S. Senator John Kerry in the 1990 race for Senate.
Rappaport said Guerriero was a "nice young fellow," but that he was the more experienced candidate.
Guerriero, an advocate for gay rights, works on the governor's staff as a liaison with municipal officials, and helped persuade Swift to delay cuts in local aid last year. He is also an established Republican, having served as mayor in the Boston suburb of Melrose and three terms in the state House.
Swift had been turned down by two other men, one a county sheriff, the other a district attorney, before picking Guerriero as her running mate.
On Thursday, Guerriero and Swift echoed the themes that will mark their campaign: lowering taxes and strengthening education. They said they agreed to disagree on the issue of gay marriage, which Guerriero supports and Swift opposes.
Candidates for lieutenant governor and governor technically do not run as a ticket in state primaries, but for the past decade, Republicans have teamed up for political and financial strength.
Swift became the state's first female governor after Paul Cellucci left office to become ambassador to Canada. Last year, Swift became the first governor in the nation to give birth while in office.
She is also the youngest U.S. governor, according to the Washington, D.C.-based National Governors Association.
Democratic political consultant Dan Payne said the youth of the GOP ticket would be a difficult obstacle.
"A 36-year-old acting governor with a 33-year-old running mate isn't adding a lot of experience," he said. "The kids are in charge." But Swift said Guerriero's experience was more important than his age.

Russell Crowe defends A Beautiful Mind

Actor Russell Crowe spoke with Entertainment Weekly regarding complaints that the bisexuality of mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. was left out of the film A Beautiful Mind, in which Crowe portrays Nash. "It was relevant to his character," said Crowe, "but we didn't want to imply that there was any possibility that schizophrenia and homosexuality are related. That would be ridiculous." In a recent statement to The Washington Post, Nash and his wife, Alicia, denied that the mathematician ever had a homosexual relationship, although Sylvia Nasar's biography, the basis for the film, suggests that Nash had involvements with men at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and that he lost his security clearance after an arrest for indecent exposure.


Designer Saint Laurent triggers retirement rumors

Reuters reports that notoriously reclusive fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent has called a rare news conference for Monday, prompting speculation that the 65-year-old fashion maven may be announcing his retirement. Despite rumors of friction between the two designers, Saint Laurent handed the reins of his ready-to-wear collection to the openly gay Tom Ford, leaving Saint Laurent to design two exclusive haute couture collections each year. Recently Saint Laurent has been in court to block television channel Canal Plus from airing a new documentary by David Teboul on January 24; one sequence reportedly features the designer's mother talking about his homosexuality.


Larry Kramer Released From Hospital

Doreen Brandt Newscenter in Washington
(January 4, Pittsburgh) Author and AIDS activist Larry Kramer has been released from hospital after undergoing a liver transplant.
Lisa Rossi, a spokesperson for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre said "He's doing extremely well.'
UPMC is one of the few hospitals which perform liver transplants on people who are HIV-positive. The Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute at UPMC has performed 10 liver transplants on HIV-positive patients since 1997.
The author and playwright suffered from end-stage liver failure caused by hepatitis B and underwent a 12-hour surgery on Dec. 21.
Kramer, 66, took up temporary residence in Pittsburgh in early November to wait for an organ to become available.
He will remain in Pittsburgh for a few more weeks so doctors can monitor his condition until he's well enough to return home to New York. Kramer wrote the plays ``The Normal Heart'' and ``The Destiny of Me,'' and books on AIDS and gay activism. His screenplay for the 1969 film ``Women in Love'' was nominated for an Academy Award.

Heidi Fleiss Had Lesbian Lover in Jail

January 3, 2002, World Entertainment News Network
Former Hollywood madam HEIDI FLEISS had a same sex affair in jail with a JENNIFER LOPEZ lookalike.
The notorious woman who was imprisoned for catering to the sexual needs of some of Tinseltown's most powerful men, met her lover while staying at the women only DUBLIN PRISON in northern California.
She says, "She was hot. We spent two fun filled years together. I'm telling you, she was a dead ringer for Jennifer Lopez, totally sexy.
"I felt like I was more into her than she was into me. I think she fell into my arms because it was convenient. People usually take sex from whoever is around."
Fleiss is now engaged to be married to actor TOM SIZEMORE. The couple will tie the knot later this year (02). (c) 2001 World Entertainment News Network

Ian Mckellen Knows Hollywood Stars' Gay Secrets

January 2, 2002, World Entertainment News Network
British actor IAN McKELLEN finds it impossible to remember who is and isn't gay in Hollywood - because so many people live double lives.
The LORD OF THE RINGS star can't believe it when he meets people in a party environment with their gay loves and is requested to then keep their sexuality quiet.
He says, "There are actors who come up to you at a Hollywood party and, just as about to give them a kiss, will whisper, 'I'm not gay in LA.'
"Some people assume that if you come to their party and meet their boyfriend, you are expected to lie to the press. It's very hard." (C) 2002 World Entertainment News Network

Bill would decriminalize homosexuality in Brazil military

January 2, 2002, Efe
Homosexuality in the Brazilian armed forces would be decriminalized under a bill submitted to Congress, the Jornal do Brasil newspaper reported Wednesday.
The Justice Ministry plans to include the measure in a human rights bill to be announced this month, according to the daily.
The 1969 Military Penal Code imposes a prison sentence of six months to a year for soldiers who "practice or allow others to practice with them lustful acts, homosexual or not, under the jurisdiction of military administration."
Under the bill, soldiers cannot be tried or punished for being homosexual, but sexual relations of any kind at military facilities will be banned, the newspaper added.
Military Supreme Court legal advisor Brig. Gen. Rosa Filho said that the bill allowing homosexuality among soldiers would face great resistance in the three branches of the armed forces, especially among army commanders.
However, homosexual behavior between soldiers is very difficult to prove in court, he added. Copyright 2002 Efe. All Rights Reserved.

Scottish Media Snub Gay Challenge

A gay rights activist who has challenged representatives of the Scottish media over their treatment of homosexuality has claimed that he has been snubbed.
Garry Otton, the editor of the Scottish Media Monitor, which investigates representations of sexuality in the country's media, has claimed that he is being snubbed by Scotland's newspapers because of their implicit homophobia.
Otton is the author of 'Sexual Fascism - Sex In the Scottish Media,' which claims that the Scottish media misrepresents and distorts sexuality. He said that none of Scotland's daily newspapers had reviewed the book, although it had been described as one of the most important publications to emerge from Scotland's gay community.
Otton added: "A spokesperson for Dundee's The Courier said it was because: 'It contains sex. It's as simple as that'. Scottish editions of The Sunday Times claim they cannot review it because they have a policy of not criticising other newspapers. The Scotsman is not revealing whether it intends to review the book or not and BBC Radio Scotland is being equally cagey. A spokesperson for Glasgow's The Herald said the book was 'Unfair to The Herald,' and said they would not be recommending to the editor, Mark Douglas Home, that it should be reviewed."
Otton referred to a letter sent to him by the Irvine Herald's editor, which said: "Gay is an old Anglo-Saxon word for joyous or happy. We have seen very few homosexuals who are joyous or happy, most appear to be very sad and disturbed people".
Otton argued that the Scottish media should account for their implicit homophobia. He said: "The Scottish media are behaving in a cowardly way. They should justify what they have done or put their hands up and admit they have been wrong." © 1999, 2001 Rainbow Network. All Rights Reserved. Partnered with New Media Spark.

Gays to Get Valentine Register

London Mayor Ken Livingstone has announced that same sex couples will be able to register their partnerships on Valentine's Day.
Couples are normally only able to sign the London Partnerships Register on Wednesdays and Saturdays. With Valentine`s Day falling on a Thursday this year the Mayor wanted London couples to have the chance to register their partnerships on what many consider to be the most romantic day of the year.
The Greater London Authority is the first public body in the country to offer official recognition to same sex as well as heterosexual couples.
The news comes as Brighton and Hove City Council are a step closer to establishing their own partnership register for unmarried couples, including lesbians and gay men. The city will now join Manchester, which has already approved a register.
Later this month the Civil Partnerships Bill is to be debated in the House of Lords. If passed, the Bill will give legal recognition for same sex couples in Britain. © 1999, 2001 Rainbow Network. All Rights Reserved. Partnered with New Media Spark.

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Thursday, January 03, 2002

GLBT NEWZ 01/03/02 Information is power!

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NEWS from the Human Rights Campaign

919 18th Street, NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20006
Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2001
Historic Measure Gives Same-Sex Couples Access to Health Benefits, Says HRC
WASHINGTON - The Human Rights Campaign praised President George W. Bush
today for signing a historic bill on Dec. 21, 2001, which for the first time
allows the District of Columbia government to fund a program that will give
domestic partners of city employees access to health benefits.
"The president's signature culminates a huge victory that has resulted from
nearly a decade of hard work on this issue by HRC and a coalition of local
groups, including the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance," said HRC
Political Director Winnie Stachelberg. "We applaud our allies in Congress
for passing this historic legislation and President Bush for signing it into
In 1992, the D.C. Health Care Benefits Expansion Act was passed, giving
domestic partners of District employees access to health benefits purchased
at their own expense. But for nearly a decade, Congress blocked the district
from using any local or federal funds to implement the law. The fiscal year
2002 District of Columbia Appropriations bill lifted the prohibition on the
use of local funding for this program. The district now joins 130 other
state and local governments nationwide that offer domestic partner benefits
for their public employees.
Once enacted, the D.C. Health Care Benefits Expansion Act of 1992 will
accomplish the following:
* Require all health care facilities in the district, including
hospitals, convalescent facilities, or other long-term care facilities, to
allow domestic partners visitation rights at their facilities.
* Create a program that allows domestic partners in the district to
register as such with the mayor's office.
* Allow registered domestic partners, if one of them is an employee of
the district government, to purchase health insurance at their own expense
for their domestic partner. It would also allow district employees to take
sick leave to care for a domestic partner or bereavement leave to make the
funeral arrangements for a domestic partner.
For detailed local information about your district and state, please refer
to .
The Human Rights Campaign is the nation's largest national lesbian and gay
political organization with members throughout the country. HRC effectively
lobbies Congress, provides campaign support and educates the public to
ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans can be open, honest and safe at home, at work and in the community.

Study finds gays, straights equally happy

Tom Musbach, / Network
Wednesday, January 2, 2002 / 04:05 PM
SUMMARY: Researchers have learned that gay and straight adults in the United States are equally happy with their overall quality of life.
Researchers have learned that gay and straight adults in the United States are equally happy with their overall quality of life, Reuters Health reports.
Led by David L. Weis, a professor of family and consumer sciences at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, the research team wanted to test the idea that GLBT people in general are less happy than straight people due to discrimination and difficult life circumstances.
Data was collected from seven surveys conducted by the National Opinion Research Center, and the results were published in the Journal of Sex Research.
"We found little support for the idea that as a group, gays and bisexuals face more serious problems than do other groups," Weis said. "Whatever affects quality of life is more complex than that."
Approximately 1,500 survey participants self-evaluated various quality-of-life issues, such as recent moods, overall life satisfaction and physical and mental health. They also had to identify themselves as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or not sexually active.
The study did not ask GLBT participants if they were "out of the closet" or not, and the researchers noted that those who are not out may experience a lower quality of life.
Initial reactions from GLBT mental health professionals were mixed.
Dr. Robert P. Cabaj, a psychiatrist who is a former president of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA), expressed some reservation about the report.
"Quality of life is difficult to measure and does not exclude having problems," he said via e-mail. "People who are oppressed may believe that they have no other option and therefore report satisfaction with life. Also, many GLBT may expect to have barriers and discomfort as part of their lives and therefore do not factor that in when evaluating quality of life." Another psychiatrist, Dr. Jerrold Polansky, who chairs the education committee for the board of GLMA, said: "If the methodology is solid, the conclusion that happiness is more complex than the gender of the person one has sex with certainly makes sense from my experience with treating heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual people."

HBO Family doc explores middle-school life, including same-sex love

Middle School Confessions pulls no punches about what's really going on with "tweens" and young teens, focusing on middle-school kids, ages 11 to 14, talking in their own words about alcohol, depression, and sex. Same-sex attraction is included, but according to Daily Variety, Confessions preaches to the already converted by presenting mainly interviews with two parents who are supportive of their gay teens. Since filmmaker Ellen Gossenberg Kent is trying to establish the high intolerance gay teens face, argues Variety, perhaps the case would have been better made by interviewing intolerant parents. Middle School Confessions premieres on HBO Family this Friday, January 4, at 9:15 p.m. Eastern time.


UPS Threatens Billy Doll Retailer

Wednesday, 2 January 2002
ATLANTA -- The United Parcel Service, the world's largest parcel carrier, is threatening legal action against the makers of anatomically oversized Billy Doll for offering the adult novelty item in a brown uniform that looks suspiciously like those worn by UPS employees.
Carlos & Package(s) , which sells the Billy, Tyson and Carlos series of adult dolls, features the brown "BPS" uniform along with a series of other doll costumes. The gay-owned company, based in Hanford, Calif., received a cease and desist letter in October, demanding it turn over all unsold merchandise bearing the "bps" logo for destruction.
Audy Morgan, co-owner of, said there was more to the letter than dry legalese. "There's no doubt in my mind that the language used in the letter was over the top," he said. "The attorney could have made his point and left it at that but he decided to take it to another level and add his own two cents."
The letter notes that the Billy doll is anatomically correct -- "grotesquely so."
Doll's large package upsets parcel company.
"No matter how humorous your company may consider the noxious doll, that product creates an undesirable, unwholesome and unsavory association with our client's well-known trademark," the letter reads.
The outfit is nothing more than a simple parody, said Morgan, referring to the brown uniform worn by Billy with the initials "bps" -- for Billy Parcel Service -- inside a package logo.
"You can't have a parody unless you carry some similarities to the original," he said. "And there is no likelihood of the public confusing this doll with an official UPS product."
The company plans to continue selling the doll and will go to court should UPS follow through with a lawsuit, Morgan said. He noted ironically that all Billy dolls are shipped via United Parcel Service. "How in the world can a male having a large penis hurt anyone's reputation?" Morgan said. "It's not our fault if some people at UPS feel insufficient compared to Billy."

Phelps Protestors Target NH High School

Students Mount Counter Protest
by Newscenter Staff
(January 3, Dover, NH) An anti-gay protest at a New Hampshire High School has been drowned out by students supporting two lesbian teens.
11 members of homophobic pastor Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., protested outside Dover High School, Wednesday, after the school district decided to allow two female students to be recognized in the yearbook as the senior class' best couple.
Phelps was not at the rally. But, several members of his family were there.
The group, which included a few children, carried signs with anti-gay messages and a 14-year-old girl and her 20-year-old sister held a large American flag upside down.
About 20 students and parents mounted a counter protest to show their opposition to the Phelps group.
''We are angry that they have chosen to come into our community with accusations that are insulting and words that are vile, in their attempt to intimidate school officials and to harass school students,'' said the Rev. Robert Ervin, rector of St. Thomas Episcopal Church.
Phelps gained national attention for protesting at the funeral of Matthew Shepard, a Wyoming college student who was killed three years ago because of his sexual orientation.
About a dozen members of the same anti-gay group turned up in November 2000 to oppose Phillips Exeter Academy's policy allowing gays to be dorm parents. Many students and faculty members wore rainbow-coloured pins, a symbol of support for gay students.

UK Partnership Legislation

by Jon ben Asher Newscenter in London
(January 3, London) Legislation to create civil partnerships in Britain will be introduced in Parliament this month.
The private members bill will be unveiled in the House of Lords January 9 Lord Lester of Herne Hill.
Lord Lester is a Liberal Democrat peer with a long history of championing civil rights bills.
The legislation was written with help of gay rights group Stonewall.
The organization said some people may find it unusual for the bill to start in the Lords, but, "we want to make it as clear as possible - to all politicians and the government - that civil partnerships is one of our key priorities. A Bill will also be a good test of public opinion on this issue. We are convinced that there is, in fact, wide support from across the political spectrum for the legal recognition of our partners - but we need to get the issue much higher up the political agenda."
The legislation would grant many of the same privileges of marriage to gays and lesbians.
In a statement the peer said, "
"The recent case of Anna Homsi, the long-term cohabiting partner of an SAS member killed in Sierra Leone who was held not to be entitled to a war pension due to her unmarried status, is a well-publicized example of the difficulties faced by many vulnerable cohabiting couples, Lord Lester said. "The Bill provides a framework for a legally recognised relationship of civil partnership.
" Couples who assume joint responsibility for their common affairs and who choose to enter a civil partnership, will have specified legal rights and obligations. Both same sex and heterosexual couples will be eligible to enter the scheme upon satisfying qualifying criteria.
" The Bill provides a procedure for registration of the partnership and the legal consequences that follow."
Second reading is scheduled for January 25. It is unclear if Labour peers will support the bill.
The Labour government is working on its own partner legislation.
Baroness Sally Morgan, the minister in charge of the Cabinet Office's Equality Unit, said the government was looking at the register set up by London Mayor Ken Livingstone. But, Baroness Morgan said no timeline had been set for bringing in the bill.

Judge Who Fought 'Don't Ask' Dead

by Beth Shapiro Newscenter, in New York
(January 3, New York) Eugene H. Nickerson, a federal judge who sought unsuccessfully to strike down the military's ``don't ask, don't tell'' policy, has died in new York from complications following stomach surgery. He was 83.
President Jimmy Carter appointed Nickerson to the federal bench in 1977 in Brooklyn.
In 1995, Nickerson declared "don't ask, don't tell'' unconstitutional, calling it "nothing short of Orwellian'' and a violation of free-speech rights.
He said in a later decision that the policy infringed on the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment by subjecting gay and lesbian troops to a discriminatory set of regulations.
But an appeals court rejected Nickerson's decision, concluding that the policy was constitutional and that Congress could heed military experts who said that "those who engage in homosexual acts would compromise the effectiveness of the military.''
Nickerson also presided over the Abner Louima police torture case. The 1997 assault on Louima in a New York police station bathroom led to the convictions of six officers. The city and a police union had to pay Louima $8.7 million - the largest settlement ever in a New York police brutality lawsuit.

Scholarship For Gay Journalists

Doreen Brandt Newscenter in Washington
(January 3, Washington) The Messenger-Anderson Scholarship Program will award four $5,000 scholarships to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender high school seniors or undergraduate students who plan to pursue a bachelor's degree in journalism at an accredited four-year college or university.
Larry Messenger and Jim Anderson established the Messenger-Anderson Scholarship in memory of Lawrence and Selina Messenger.
The Messengers believed that there is a pressing need to encourage gay and lesbian people to become more involved in shaping media coverage.
The scholarship is administered by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
The deadline to submit applications is February 1.
"We are excited to be offering the Messenger-Anderson Scholarships for a third year in a row," said Lorri L. Jean, NGLTF's executive director.
"By providing this type of educational financial support, NGLTF, like the Messengers, hopes to improve GLBT coverage in the media."
The scholarship competition is open only to undergraduate college students and to graduating high school seniors. Applicants must be pursuing a bachelor's degree in journalism.
In instances where colleges or universities do not offer such a degree, applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are pursuing a career in either journalism or communications advocacy.
Each of next year's four Messenger-Anderson Scholarships will provide $5,000 the first year, renewable at $2,500 over the next two years for a possible total award of $10,000.
Winners are required to participate in a paid summer internship at NGLTF offices in Washington, DC.
Applications for the NGLTF Messenger-Anderson Scholarship Fund must be postmarked by February 1, 2002. Download guidelines and an application at . A committee of working journalists, communications specialists and GLBT activists will select the winners.

Research Cites High HIV-Drug Resistance

December 30, 2001, The Augusta Chronicle
Widespread misuse of anti-HIV drugs has led to drug resistance in at least half the population under treatment for the disease in the United States, scientists reported today.
Most striking, researchers said, is the demographic breakdown of drug resistance. Contrary to forecasts made in 1996 when combination drug therapy was introduced, it is not the poor and IV drug users who have the highest rates of resistance because of failure to properly take the drugs. Rather, it is white, gay, fully insured, highly educated men who carry the most highly drug-resistant viruses.
A national survey of about 2,000 HIV patients, conducted by the RAND Corp. of Santa Monica, Calif., and the University of California at San Diego, found that 64 percent are now getting less benefit from their drug cocktails than they were two or three years ago, as measured by rising levels of viruses in their bloodstreams.
The whole purpose of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy, or HAART, is to lower the numbers of viruses in a patient's blood to below the limits of laboratory detection. Once viruses manage to get past the HAART defense, surging into the bloodstream, patients have to switch to different drug combinations to keep virus levels low.
Since HAART was introduced in 1996, many patients - most, according to the new study - have switched so many times that they now receive less than optimal benefits from any anti-HIV combinations.
Among those who have such rising HIV blood levels, 78 percent have drug-resistant HIV. Even newly infected individuals who have not yet taken the treatment cocktails are at the close of 2001 showing astonishing levels of drug resistance - one out of five carry resistant viruses, acquired from their sexual or drug-use partners.
This means that by the most conservative possible reckoning of the data, "half of the people under care in the United States right now have resistant virus. It's quite frightening," senior researcher Dr. Doug Richman, of the University of California at San Diego, said in an interview. Dr. Richman will present the findings today at the annual Inter science Conference on Anti bacterial Agents and Chemotherapy meeting in Chicago. (C) 2001 The Augusta Chronicle. via ProQuest Information and Learning Company; All Rights Reserved

Reba McEntire Prefers Gay Men

January 2, 2002, World Entertainment News Network
Country singer REBA McENTIRE gets along better with gay guys than straight men.
The country songbird's startling confession is sure to shock ultraconservative Nashville, where no major player has come out of the closet, except for signer KD LANG.
But Reba isn't afraid to rock the boat. She says, "As a female I can relate to gay men better. They have a great sense of humour and can sympathize with women's problems.
"Gay men have kind of both genders. They've got a little bit of female and they've got male.
"They're very good listeners and they're very easy going. I've got tons of gay friends - and not only from the entertainment business. But that's where the majority of them are from." And Reba wishes people in Nashville would accept homosexuals more than they do.
She adds, "If people would just let them be themselves, live their own lives and not be judgmental, the world would be a better place to live." (c) 2001 World Entertainment News Network

Why Stephen Fry Went Padding Around in Peru

December 13, 2001, Sunday Mercury
IMAGINE the scene. Stephen Fry, actor, writer, intellectual and wit, creeping around his country mansion in the middle of the night delivering stockings.
Santa is not one of the roles you'd expect Stephen to play. But he loved doling out presents to some of his 14 godchildren and five nephews and nieces.
'Two of my godsons are 12 and 10 and they've spent every Christmas and New Year of their lives in my house in Norfolk. It's become a tradition,' says the 44-year-old.
So does Stephen, who is gay and lives with a partner, regret not having children of his own?
'It would be nice to know what it's like, but it's not a major disappointment. Being an uncle and godfather is hugely enjoyable.
'Some of my godchildren have a touch of Kevin the Teenager and hate their parents, but they can talk to me. I had a stormy adolescence, so they can be heartened that they're not as screwed up as I once was.'
Stephen was expelled from two schools and spent three months in prison at 17 after running wild with stolen credit cards.
Now he succeeds at almost everything. His TV hits run from Blackadder to Fry and Laurie, his films include Peter's Friends and Wilde and he's written four bestselling novels.
His voice can be heard on every other TV advert and on the Harry Potter audio books. He's a close friend of Prince Charles and wrote the words for the musical Me and My Girl, currently playing in Birmingham.
Next comes a part in the Robert Altman period movie Gosford Park, alongside Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith and Charles Dance. And soon he'll direct Judi Dench in the film Vile Bodies, based on the Evelyn Waugh novel.
But first, Stephen is on BBC1 on New Year's Eve presenting the delightful documentary Paddington Bear: The Early Years. He travels to Peru to trace the bear's life and rescue one of his real-life relations.
Paddington's creator, Michael Bond, says: 'I think Stephen is rather like Paddington. He's very polite and he has an intriguing mind.'
Stephen says: 'I'd be proud if I had Paddington's mix of integrity and amiability.
'Paddington is based on the Spectacled Bear, which has yellow marks around its eyes. They're very endearing but terribly shy and no- one knows quite how many there are.
'We were very lucky to hear of two cubs that had been trapped by villagers. By the time we got there by helicopter, one had 'escaped', although we think they ate it. The other was kept in a very small cage. We were able to buy him, bartering with corn, flour and footballs. The bear, called Yogi, was airlifted to a new enclosure.
'We're going back out next week to make another film about Yogi. We're going to introduce him to a female bear in the hope he'll mate.
'Michael Bond is coming with us to receive a medal from the Peruvian government. After all, Paddington is the most famous thing to come out of Peru.' (C) 2001 Sunday Mercury. via ProQuest Information and Learning Company; All Rights Reserved

Rock Star Sex Charges Reduced

Charges of criminal sexual conduct against rock star Marilyn Manson have been reduced.
Manson is alleged to have approached security guard Joshua Keasler at a show last summer and spat on his head, after which he is said to have rubbed his G-string-clad crotch on Keasler`s head and neck.
Judge Gerald E. McNally of the Oakland County District Court in Clarkston, Michigan, reduced the charges from a felony to a misdemeanor after hearing evidence from the guard and one of his colleagues.
Manson will now face a $4000 (£2,700) fine if found guilty as opposed to jail and possible registration as a sex offender had he been convicted of the original charges.
Manson is still liable for a second charge of misdemeanor assault and battery. If convicted the star could be sentenced to 90 days in jail.
Manson, born Brian Warner, was present in the courtroom but did not offer testimony. Afterwards he said: "I`m not completely happy, but I`m happier than I was when I got here. But I still think this is unfair. I don`t take anything like this lightly."
Assistant prosecutor Ken Frazee said: "Legally, I don`t think his ruling was correct."
Manson`s attorney, Walter Piszczatowski, was prepared to show the court a videotape of the incident. McNally handed down his decision without watching it. A copy was given to the prosecution, Piszczatowski said that Keasler's lawyers would be unlikely to launch an appeal after they saw it. He said that the case would most likely be settled out of court.
A pretrial hearing has been scheduled for 18 March.
Earlier this month, a second man claimed to have been victimized by Manson in a civil suit. No date has yet been set for that hearing. © 1999, 2001 Rainbow Network. All Rights Reserved. Partnered with New Media Spark.

Ft. Lauderdale plans state's first gay and lesbian day center

The Associated Press
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - The state's first day center specializing in care for gay and lesbian elders could open as soon as this summer, officials said.
The Area Agency on Aging, which funds eight senior day centers in Broward County, promised $200,000 in federal seed money to start the day center at the Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale.
National experts said the day center would be one of the nation's first catering to homosexuals.
"We have a lot of gay people here who are entering their senior years, and we aren't really doing anything for them," said Edith Lederberg, the area agency's executive director, who met with church and community leaders Wednesday to discuss plans.
About 15,000 gay and lesbian seniors live in Broward County, Lederberg said, and that number is growing.
Jean Quam, a social work professor at the University of Minnesota who has researched and written about social services for gay and lesbian seniors, said most similar programs she knows of meet about once a month.
"This is unique," Quam said.
The Florida Department of Elder Affairs tentatively approved the project, but lawmakers could pressure the department to reverse that decision, Lederberg said.
The board and foundation of the Sunshine Cathedral, a member of Metropolitan Community Church, will likely approve day center this month and it could open as early as this summer, said Rev. Grant Lynn Ford.
"I think gay and lesbian people will be more comfortable putting their family members in a situation like this, where the whole family is respected," Ford said.
Information from: Sun-Sentinel Copyright 2001 Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2002

GLBT NEWZ 01/02/02 Information is power!

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Blair Attacked For Egypt Holiday

by Peter Moore Newscenter in London
(January 2, London) British Prime Minister Tony Blair has come under attack for a post Christmas holiday in Egypt.
Blair, his wife Cherie and their four children, spent nearly a week visiting the pyramids in Giza and seeing other tourist spots in what was described by Downing Street as a purely private trip.
The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association condemned the trip as hypocrisy and a slap in the face for lesbian and gay people around the world.
Blair's trip comes just over a month after Egypt convicted 23 men for their "immoral behaviour" and "contempt of religion" and imposed prison sentences with hard labour on them. GALHA secretary George Broadhead said: "At the Labour party conference last year, Blair said that human rights would be at the centre of his foreign policy, and yet here he is offering support to a regime that persecutes gays."

Vancouver Group Demands Gay Blood Ban Be Continued

by Rich Peters Newscenter, Vancouver
(January 2, Vancouver) A conservative group representing members of Vancouver's Chinese community is calling for the continuation of a ban on gay blood donors.
The Canadian Alliance for Social Justice and Family Values Association said it would be "foolhardy" to end the prohibition.
Alliance spokesperson K-John Cheung said the Canadian Blood Service is "under pressure from special-interest groups and the senseless politically correct Liberal government" for considering changes to the current screening process.
It has sent a petition bearing nearly 1,000 names to the service demanding the ban be continued.
For 15 years, blood donor questionnaires have asked men: "Have you ever had sex with a man, even one time since 1977?"
Female donors are asked: "In the past 12 months, have you had sex with a man who had sex, even one time since 1977, with another man?"
In November the Blood Service held a conference in Ottawa to examine the ban. Gay and student groups lobbied for an end to the question.
Both dismissed the query as outdated, discriminatory and too blunt and too vague to help in screening donors infected with HIV, the AIDS virus.
In the end, an advisory panel to Canada's blood agencies issued a statement focusing on "guiding principles" for donor screening and steered clear of changes to the questionnaire.
It also ruled that "the risk of perception of discrimination is outweighed by the benefit of recipient safety." But Canadian Blood Service president Graham Sher said after the conference that his agency would review the recommendations closely to see if any of the questions should be changed.

High Court Affirms Partner Parental Rights Even After Separation

Doreen Brandt Newscenter in Washington
(January 2, Pittsburgh) The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has ruled that a woman who helped raise a child with her former lesbian partner can seek visitation rights with the child even though the couple has separated.
The court's decision is significant. Even though the 5-2 ruling does not grant visitation rights it succeeds in recognizing that the woman has legal standing as a parent.
To protect the child's identity the two women are identified only by initials by the court .
T.B. and L.R.M., both formerly of Ebensburg in Cambria County, began an exclusive relationship in the late 1980s. In 1992 the couple decided to have a baby and L.R.M. became pregnant through artificial insemination.
The women raised the girl together until August 1996, when they separated. After they broke up, L.R.M. refused to allow T.B. to see or talk to the child.
In August 1997, a trial court allowed the child's biological mother to have sole custody of the girl, but granted T.B. visitation rights.
L.R.M. appealed arguing T.B. did not meet the requirements for visitation because she hadn't acted as a parent under Pennsylvania's accepted legal principles. Pennsylvania does not recognize same-sex relationships.
The appeals court rejected her argument.
The Supreme Court decision allows T.B. to go back to the original trial court to have a hearing scheduled to try to gain visitation.
Her lawyer, Patricia M. Logue, praised the High Court ruling.
Logue said: "It applies the same rules to lesbian and gay parents that apply to other parents." In a dissenting opinion, Justice Thomas Saylor said that because the women's relationship wasn't recognized under state law, T.B. did not meet the definition of a parent under Pennsylvania's accepted legal principles.

Israeli PM Meets Gay Group

Ariel Sharon, the Israeli Prime Minister, is to host a historic meeting with representatives of the country's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.
The Political Council for Gay Rights in Israel announced details of the meeting yesterday.
Menahem Shizaf, the editor of Keshet, a monthly newspaper for gays, said: "We are not coming to the meeting to present a shopping list of demands, but rather to present the community and to display before the prime minister a few issues which would complete the way to equality between members of the lesbian-gay-transsexual community and the rest of Israeli society."
In November members of the PCGRI met with the Israeli president Moshe Katsav. It was the first time a president had invited members of the group to a meeting. © 1999, 2001 Rainbow Network. All Rights Reserved. Partnered with New Media Spark.

Partnership Bill Gets First Hearing

The Civil Partnerships Bill is to be introduced later this month. The Bill will give legal recognition for same sex couples in Britain.
Lord Lester of Herne Hill QC, the Liberal Democrat peer, will bring his Private Member's Bill on Civil Partnerships to the House of Lords on 9 January. The Bill will be published the following day and will have its second reading debate on 25 January.
For the first time it will enable unmarried partners, including same sex partners, living in a mutually supportive relationship to make legal provision for their joint protection.
Lord Lester issued a statement which said: "The recent case of Anna Homsi, the long-term cohabiting partner of an SAS member killed in Sierra Leone who was held not to be entitled to a war pension due to her unmarried status, is a well-publicised example of the difficulties faced by many vulnerable cohabiting couples.
"Under existing law, cohabiting couples have no automatic next-of-kin rights, property or pension rights. They remain subject to inheritance tax on the death of their partner and have no recourse to the law on the breakdown of their relationship."
The statement continued: "The Bill provides a framework for a legally recognised relationship of civil partnership. Couples who assume joint responsibility for their common affairs and who choose to enter a civil partnership, will have specified legal rights and obligations. Both same sex and heterosexual couples will be eligible to enter the scheme upon satisfying qualifying criteria. The Bill provides a procedure for registration of the partnership and the legal consequences that follow."
It concluded: "Similar measures have been enacted elsewhere in Europe and the Commonwealth. It is core Liberal Democrat policy to introduce a similar and much-needed law reform in this country." © 1999, 2001 Rainbow Network. All Rights Reserved. Partnered with New Media Spark.

Tatchell's Compassionate Visa Refused

The gay human rights activist Peter Tatchell has been refused a visa by the Australian government on compassionate grounds.
Australian Immigration Minister, Philip Ruddock, has refused to allow Tatchell into the country to visit his step father, Edwin Nitscke, who is seriously ill in hospital following a stroke.
The ban follows Tatchell`s bid to use Australian law to have President Mugabe of Zimbabwe arrested by the police for the crime of torture when he attends the Commonwealth conference in Brisbane in March.
Tatchell said: "My family are very distressed that I am not being allowed to visit my critically ill step-father. To keep a family apart at a time of life-threatening illness is cruel and heartless".
He continued: "The Immigration Minister appears to be sitting on my appeal. My 26-page appeal dossier contains all the information that is needed to make a ruling in a couple of hours. There are no excuses for these outrageous delays".
Tatchell added: "This hold up is tantamount to a de facto visa refusal. I am being denied the right to visit my family, and to do my journalistic assignments".
He said that there were no legal grounds for the visa denial. Tatchell said: "It is monstrous that President Mugabe - a leader accused of gross human rights abuses - is being allowed into Australia to attend the Commonwealth summit, while someone like myself - a human rights defender - is being denied the right to return to the country of my birth to visit my family." © 1999, 2001 Rainbow Network. All Rights Reserved. Partnered with New Media Spark.
Editors note: For more information on Peter Tatchell, Gay and Human rights activist, visit his web site at .


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Tuesday, January 01, 2002

INBOX NEWZ 01/01/02 Information is power!

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Farewell 2001: the Cosmopolitan So Long, Sweetie

December 30, 2001, The Independent - London
Back in the late 1990s Cosmopolitans were cool - primarily because Carrie in Sex and the City was drinking them and, well, she got a lot of sex. Their rehabilitation started in the gay bars of Manhattan's Chelsea, a particularly scary vortex of foofiness and superficiality. In places like Barracuda and G, over-steroided muscle boys would stand around clutching the things in their massive hands, trying desperately not to break the glass neck or spill any of the pink liquid - cranberry juice, vodka, Cointreau and maybe lime - on their starched Calvin Klein T-shirts.
We soon realised that Cosmos were getting Carrie nowhere and had discovered for ourselves that the pale pink nectar was a lot less satisfying (and a lot more expensive) than a good slug of vodka and Red Bull.
The Cosmo is to 2001 what Pernod and black was to 1979 and Saporro was to 1998. The only people left drinking it in 2002 will be teenage girls and Nick Moran. (C) 2001 The Independent - London. via ProQuest Information and Learning Company; All Rights Reserved

Lesbian actress gets OBE

Lesbian actress Miriam Margolyes has been recognised in the New Year`s honours. The recognition for her stage and screen work follows swiftly on the heels of her securing a role in the new Harry Potter film. Margolyes is set to play Professor Sprout in the next instalment, Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets.
The hard-working actress has recently graced the London stage, appearing in the popular Vagina Monologues, and was seen most recently on screen as one of the few humans in the summer hit Cats And Dogs.
During her illustrious career, she`s also beaten up Arnold Schwarzenegger in the supernatural thriller End Of Days, played several roles in Blackadder and won a Best Supporting Actress BAFTA in 1994 for The Age Of Innocence.
She`s philosophical about her success. "I`ve been fat all my life and I expect to die fat," she says. "But I`m not fat inside. I`m a little darting thing with quick movements to match my quick mind and when I realised I was fat, which was probably when I was 11, I decided to use it to my advantage. " © 1999, 2001 Rainbow Network. All Rights Reserved. Partnered with New Media Spark.

Law closes eyes to gay partners

By Michael McLeod Sentinel Staff Writer
January 1, 2002
On the day she died, Tampa police Officer Lois Marrero was, characteristically, quick on the scene. She'd been an athlete all her life -- from daredevil tomboy to basketball star to marathon runner. As she approached a bank-robbery suspect in a parking lot last July, he was ready for her.
He drew a gun from a backpack and fired. Then he barricaded himself in a nearby apartment, turned on the television and watched the news bulletins. They told him all he needed to know. He used his final shot to kill himself after hearing that Marrero, wounded in the head and the neck, had died on the pavement at the age of 40, the first female police fatality in Tampa's history.
She wore a wedding ring on her finger and a locket around her neck inscribed with her badge number, 327. Both had been given to her by another Tampa police officer, Mickie Mashburn. The two women had lived together for 11 years; their relationship solemnized in a commitment ceremony at the Metropolitan Church of Tampa.
They were private but not secretive about their relationship. At the funeral last July, after the honor guard folded the flag on Marrero's coffin, they placed it in Mashburn's lap.
But when Mashburn applied for death benefits as Marrero's domestic partner, she was turned down.
Law excluded Mashburn
Like most police departments, Tampa provides lifetime pension benefits for the spouse or beneficiary of a slain police officer. But Marrero had not listed Mashburn, or anyone else, as beneficiary, and the state of Florida does not recognize same-sex marriages. So Mashburn did not qualify.
"It's not fair," says Sgt. Joseph Caravella, who had known Marrero since he graduated from the police academy in 1985. "Here we are, as police officers, with a mission statement to protect lives and treat people fairly, no matter who they are. Why is it that one of our own doesn't get the same treatment?"
Instead, the pension board, following its own regulations, operated on the assumption that there was no legal spouse or direct beneficiary in the case. All the board could do, legally, was to award a lump sum of $50,000 -- far less than a lifetime pension likely would have been worth -- to Marrero's relatives.
Mashburn plans to appeal the decision. A plain-spoken woman with a Tennessee twang who begins many sentences with, "Since July 6," she hopes to change the policy.
"I don't want other people to have to go through the kind of thing I've gone through," she says.
In all likelihood, however, they will.
Same-sex couples in this country have battled for decades for the same rights as married heterosexuals. There have been some changes. About one in five Fortune 500 companies, including Disney, now offers medical and other benefits to employees' "domestic partners." Some Florida municipalities, including Key West and Gainesville, have followed suit. Others, including Orlando, have not.
California allows people to register as domestic partners, making benefits easier to claim. Last year, Vermont became the only state to give same-sex couples the equivalent of marital rights by legally recognizing "civil unions" under its constitution.
Legally invisible
But the vast majority of federal and state laws meant to fairly distribute assets to survivors still recognize only traditional, opposite-sex marriage partners and relatives. By law, they are first in line for Social Security benefits, pensions and the other financial assets of partners who die without a will. Same-sex partners are often invisible under the law.
"I hear these horror stories all the time," says Nadine Smith, executive director of Equality Florida, a civil-rights activist group.
For four years, Frank Gagliano lived with his domestic partner, television-news cameraman Rob Pierce, in Deerfield Beach. Although they shared household expenses, they kept the house in Pierce's name, Gagliano says. Although they intended to have wills drawn up and name each other as beneficiaries, he says, they never got around to it.
In March 2000, Pierce died in a helicopter crash. Because there was no will, all his possessions, including the house, went to his relatives under Florida law.
"As far as his family was concerned, I was a fag houseguest," says Gagliano.
Pierce's relatives would not discuss the matter.
Across the United States, a patchwork of legal precedents favoring same-sex couples has gradually developed, state by state -- often in response to a glaring inequity.
The Diane Whipple case is a recent example.
In January, Whipple was killed in the hallway of her San Francisco apartment by two dogs belonging to a neighbor. In August, California Superior Court Judge James A. Robertson II cleared the way for her domestic partner, Sharon Smith, to file a wrongful-death suit against the owners of the dogs. Under California law, only surviving spouses or other relatives can bring wrongful-death suits. Robertson ruled that the law violates an equal-protection clause in the state's own constitution.
Gay activists, as well as conservatives who oppose any threat to traditional families, are watching closely to see if the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks will create a new sensitivity toward the rights of same-sex couples.
About 50 to 100 of the victims of the terrorist attacks left behind same-sex partners, according to Joe Gabarz, executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda, a New York City group that represents gays and lesbians. The group helped pressure New York Gov. George Pataki to decree, in an executive order, that gay and lesbian partners of people killed by terrorists will get equal benefit from New York's Crime Victims Board. The Red Cross also vowed to treat same-sex partners as spouses.
Gay activists also were cheered when a federal special master assigned to establish federal policy toward the Sept. 11 victims ruled that same-sex partners are eligible to apply to the government's compensation fund.
Redefining families
Jennifer Middleton, an attorney with the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, said she and other gay activists are optimistic that the tragedy "is changing American hearts and minds. If it has illustrated one thing, it is that families come in all shapes and sizes, and the government is far behind in catching up to that idea."
Conservatives are edgy about the Justice Department decision and the possible repercussions of the Sept. 11 attacks. According to the Rev. Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition, gay people are "taking advantage of this national tragedy to promote their agenda."
That notion seems ridiculous to David O'Leary, whose domestic partner of 18 years, Michael Lapore, was killed in the terrorist attack. Lapore worked at Marsh Insurance, on the 96th floor of Tower One at the World Trade Center.
No 'gay agenda' in tragedy
"We just lived normal lives," O'Leary said. "We were not part of the gay agenda."
The two men were models of careful retirement planning. They listed each other as "joint tenants with right of survivorship" when they bought a house in Yonkers, a precaution that simplifies ownership rights when a partner dies. They named each other as beneficiaries in their wills and IRAs.
O'Leary is comfortable, financially. Yet following up on paperwork has deepened his sense of loss.
O'Leary did not qualify for workers' compensation survivor benefits. He could not roll over Lapore's IRAs, because only a spouse can do that.
"I don't feel bad for me," he says. "It's not that simple. I feel bad for Michael. All the sacrifices he made. All the hard work. It's just gone. It's as if he never existed."
Friends, colleagues and neighbors of Lois Marrero feel much the same.
However, Marrero's mother and sister say that Marrero and Mashburn had drifted apart, and that Marrero had another, long-distance love interest.
Jerraine Morgan lives with her two daughters in a quiet Tampa suburb, across the street from the home that Marrero and Mashburn once shared.
Marrero took care of the yard, doing such a good job of trimming the grass and pruning the roses that when Morgan wanted to take prom pictures of her younger daughter, she had the girl walk across the street to pose in front of a prettier backdrop.
Morgan, a single mother, doesn't have the time to keep her own yard up.
A good neighbor
Marrero helped her when she could. She visited frequently with Morgan's older daughter, who has cerebral palsy. She climbed the roof of the Morgan home one Christmas to help them string ornaments. Her own holiday display was so elaborate that neighbors came to watch and applaud on the first night she plugged it in.
She was a good neighbor, part of the pleasant clockwork of the Morgan home. There was a daily punctuation that they all looked forward to: when Marrero would arrive home from work in her red Ford pickup and wave.
"She was family," says Morgan.
"I don't understand any of this business with the pension. She was family when she was alive. Now that she is gone, she is still family. How can you possibly see it any other way?"
Michael McLeod can be reached at or 407-420-5432. Copyright © 2001, Orlando Sentinel

Three Saudi Men Beheaded for Sodomy

By Associated Press
January 1, 2002, 9:50 AM EST
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- Three Saudi men were beheaded Tuesday for committing acts of sodomy and "seducing young men," the Interior Ministry said in a statement.
Ali bin Hatan bin Saad, Muhammad bin Suleiman bin Muhammad and Muhammad bin Khalil bin Abdullah were executed in the southwestern mountain resort city of Abha in Asir province, according to the statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency.
The three men "committed acts of sodomy, married each other, seduced young men and attacked those who rebuked them," the statement said.
The executions were the first this year in Saudi Arabia, where beheadings are public and done with a sword. Last year, at least 81 people were beheaded.
Saudi Arabia follows a strict interpretation of Islam and also imposes the death penalty for murder, rape, drug trafficking and armed robbery. Copyright © 2001, The Associated Press

Rejection of addict led to murder, police say

Ward Howard Everitt was known to help young gay men kick their drug habits. After he took Oscar Cruz into his Edgewater apartment, Everitt even gave him a job with his small construction business.
But when Cruz, 30, relapsed into his life of drug use and crime last November, Everitt, 59, ended their relationship.
It was Everitt's refusal to take him back that drove Cruz to stab and beat him, Cruz confessed to Miami police late Sunday.
On Monday, Cruz, charged with one count each of first-degree murder, armed robbery and grand theft auto, was denied bond. He has a long criminal history, including 20 arrests in the last 10 years for everything from strong-arm robbery, burglary, prostitution, cocaine possession, forgery and grand theft auto, police said.
``Mr. Everitt did not tolerate drug use,'' said Miami homicide Detective Emiliano Tamayo, whose team cracked the case. ``Mr. Cruz had wanted Mr. Everitt to resume their relationship. Apparently, he said no. The two men fought, and it ended in murder.''
Everitt's body was discovered Saturday. At first, police thought his killing was linked to another recent murder just eight blocks away. Both victims had died in a similar fashion, lived in the same Miami neighborhood just off Biscayne Boulevard, were older gay men and had their cars stolen.
Police even started warning the gay community about their concerns. But now police say the killings were coincidental.
``We no longer believe these murders are connected,'' Miami homicide Detective Orlando Silva said.
Still unsolved is the slaying of Elso Tomás Morales, 67, who was found murdered Dec. 6 in his own apartment at 520 NE 38th St.
Silva and his team are still trying to locate Frank ``Lindín'' Espada, 32.
``He may be a witness to the murder,'' Silva said. Espada is not a suspect, he added.
Police say Espada and Morales met through mutual friends who lived in Morales' apartment building. Silva said he did not know if the two men were romantically involved. Morales' sister, who found his body, declined to speak to reporters.
Detectives said the final straw for Everitt may have been Cruz's arrest Nov. 29 for strong-arm robbery. Records show Cruz was released from jail Dec. 26 after serving 27 days.
They were able to piece together what happened between Everitt and Cruz after a friend of Cruz's came forward.
George Rosado told Miami detectives that Everitt had also let him live in his apartment at 505 NE 30th St. while he kicked his drug habit.
Rosado saw news reports Sunday that police wanted to question him.
``He called us and told us, `I didn't kill him. . . . I'll come in and talk,' '' Tamayo said.
Rosado had been in jail at the time of the killing and is not implicated in either slaying.
Soon after Cruz was released from jail, he went to see Everitt with hopes of patching things up, Tamayo said. A fight broke out that left Everitt with multiple stab wounds and blunt trauma to the head.
After the killing, Tamayo said Cruz ransacked the apartment and made off with about $100, along with credit cards, which he used several times. Cruz admitted going on a crack cocaine binge with the loot, Tamayo said.
Cruz also took Everitt's silver Crown Victoria station wagon, which eventually led to his arrest after it was spotted Sunday night by officers working the case at Northeast Second Avenue and 78th Street. Within an hour, detectives had found Cruz nearby in the home of an acquaintance at 756 NW 12th St.
On Monday, the victim's brother, Michael, went to Miami police to hear the details about why his brother was killed. He told detectives he had met Cruz but believed he was only one of his brother's employees.
© 2001 The Miami Herald and wire service sources. All Rights Reserved.
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Monday, December 31, 2001

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2001 In Review

The Events Which Shaped Us, Shocked Us, & Made Us Laugh
by Jan Prout Newscenter in Toronto
Terrorist Attacks on America

The events of September 11 overshadowed everything else in 2001. Its effects on gays, lesbians, and the transgendered particularly in The United States are still being felt.
The total GLBT number of deaths may never be known but, those who have been been identified include Mark Bingham, the ad agency owner who joined his fellow passengers on United Flight 93 to take on the terrorists. They prevented the plane from being used against a Washington target believed to be the Capitol and in the process lost their lives.
A gay couple and their three-year old son are among those killed in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre.
Daniel Brandhorst 42, and his partner 33 year old Ronald Gamboaa were flying home to Los Angeles with their son David Brandhorst when terrorists commandeered the United Airlines jet they were on shortly after it left Boston's Logan Airport.
A gay British man also perished in the same flight.
Graham Berkeley, 37, a product management director for software company Compuware, was on his way to a conference in Los Angeles.
Fr Mychal Judge, a chaplain with the New York Fire Department, was killed during the collapse of the twin towers while giving the last rites to a dying firefighter.
Dozens, perhaps hundreds of GLBTs worked in the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon.
One of them, Sheila Hein was killed in the attack on the Pentagon.
Her partner, Peggy Neff may lose the home she shard with her partner of 18 years after the state of Virginia refused to recognise their relationship under the state's compensation plan.
In New York the city and state moved quickly to assure the families of gay victims they would receive help. Administrators of the federal later decided that GLBT families could apply for benefits but did not say how or if those benefits would be granted.
Almost as shocking as the attacks themselves, was the attack on gays and lesbians by fundamentalist preacher Jerry Falwell.
On a television broadcast with fellow evangelist, Pat Robertson, Falwell blamed gays and pro choice advocates for 9-11.
Falwell said, "The abortionists have got to bear some burden for this because God will not be mocked. And when we destroy 40 million little innocent babies, we make God mad. I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the finger in their face and say 'you helped this happen'."

Aaron Webster Murder

The brutal slaying of a gay man in Vancouver rocked Canada. Webster's badly beaten naked body was found in Stanley Park, a popular cruising area. Police said he had been beaten with a baseball bat in what they termed a hate crime.
At least four men took part in the beating that led to his death. No arrests have been made.
In December a man cam forward saying he had been attacked in a similar way by four men several weeks before Webster's slaying and had reported it to police, even providing police with a description of the car the men were driving and a license plate.
Some members of Vancouver's gay community accuse the police of failing to prevent Webster's murder by not following up the report.
Gay Marriage
In January, a gay and a lesbian couple were married in Toronto's Metropolitan Community Church. The Rev Brent Hawkes used an ancient Christian practice, Publishing Bannes, to get around the need for marriage licences.
Kevin Bourassa & Joe Varnell and Elaine and Anne Vautour were married at the church on January 14. The Ontario government refused to register the marriages, citing federal law (marriage is a federal responsibility in Canada) which describes marriage as a union between a man and a woman.
The couples along with seven other couples took the government to court, arguing their constitutional rights had been violated. Under Canada's Constitution gays and lesbians have equal rights.
The court has yet to rule.
In Vancouver, a similar suit, was rejected by the British Columbia Supreme Court. A judge there ruled that the issue must be decided by parliament.
Eight British Columbia gay and lesbian couples had petitioned the province's High Court to strike down the definition paving the way for gays marriage.
In it's ruling, the court said it did not have jurisdiction to strike down the law. The judgement said, "The change would have broad legal ramifications and would require, at the least, rules to govern the formation and dissolution of same-sex unions. Any permitted changes to the common law of marriage must be made by legislation."
A Constitutional challenge was also launched in Quebec.
Montrealers Michael Hendricks and Rene LeBoeuf had been rejected in two attempts to formalize their union by marriage. The most recent was September 14., 1998. The couple had had enough and decided to take the governments of Quebec and Canada to court.
The court has yet to rule. But, in a surprise announcement the Quebec government said it would bring in legislation in 2002 to create a Partnership Union Registry in the province. The only other province to have a registry is Nova Scotia, although all of Canada's provinces recognize gay and lesbian partnerships as being equal (but separate) to common law marriages.
Ultimately the issue of marriage will be decided by the Supreme Court of Canada.
In Holland, hundreds of gays and lesbians rush to town halls as the country becomes the first in the world to legalize gay and lesbian marriage.
Germany passes partnership union legislation, and the city of London, opens a Partnership Union Registry.

Pension Suit

November 26th lawyers in four Canadian cities Tuesday announced a $400 million dollar class action suit against the government of Canada seeking survivor benefits for about 10,000 gays and lesbians.
The suit named the Attorney General of Canada and accuses the government of arbitrarily excluding a vast number of gays and lesbians who lost their partners between 1985 and 1998.
It is the only class action suit ever brought by gays in Canada.
In 2000 the federal government granted same-sex couples partner rights. The law, C-23, amended among other legislation, the Canada Pension Plan Act. The revision allows for survivor benefits but only where the partner has died after 1998.
The suit wants the government to roll that back to 1985 when the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the Constitution came into effect, guaranteeing the rights of gays and lesbians.

Egypt Gay Trial

In May 53 men were arrested during a raid on a gay club in a Nile riverboat.
Awaiting trial the men, including one teenager, were subjected to torture including cattle prods.
The case attracted the attention of international human rights groups when their trail was held in a sate security court usually reserved for terrorists.
23 of the adults were convicted last month in a special state security court of "immorality" and " contempt of Islam". The verdicts were not subject to appeal.
While homosexuality is not illegal in Egypt, the charges are used to persecute gays.
The teen was handed a three year sentence for "the habitual practice of debauchery". Because his trial was conducted in a juvenile court, it was allowed to be appealed and eventually reduced to time served and probation by an appeals court in Cairo.

Pussy Palace

Charges that followed a women's night at the baths in Toronto finally ended up in court.
Toronto Police entered the Club Baths on Mutual Street in the gay village the night of September 15, 2000 claiming they had received information criminal activity was going on inside, although they have never released what the suspected activity was.
Fighting the charges that arose after a police raid on a women's bathhouse event in Toronto has turned into a financial nightmare.
The Women's Bathhouse Committee has held fundraisers to try to raise enough money for the trial, but, the legal process is far from over.
Final arguments were held in In November, but a judge has yet to rule.

Texas Welcome

In July, three young Toronto area men, beaten and repeatedly called "faggots" by police in a popular Texas park.
Joey Abbruzzese, 20, Derick Anbradi, 21, and Gregory Maleszyk, 19, all of Mississauga, were in San Antonio visiting Abbruzzese's aunt when they decided to go to a jazz club. After leaving the waterfront bar the trio went for a walk along San Antonio's famous River Walk near the Alamo.
The men who are not gay, were beaten in an area where gay men cruise and where police have attacked gay men in the past.
The charges against them were eventually dropped but a a civil suit against the police continues.

Salvation Army

A protest against the Salvation Army's treatment of its gay and lesbian employees started by a PFLAG mom in Michigan quickly spread across the the US and then into Canada.
The Salvation Army in the western US had originally decided to give its workers partnership benefits. But, the hierarchy of the Sally Anne vetoed the plan.
Slips of paper denouncing the Salvation Army were placed in its Red Kettle Christmas Campaign.

Gay TV

The world's first GLBT television station opened in Canada in September. PrideVision, a digital channel is available only on cable or by Satellite.
Offering movies and information programmes it quickly rose to the top ten of a group of 50 new channels what went on the air in the fall.

Tom Cruise Affair

Actor Tom Cruise kept his lawyers busy in 2001 suing people who alleged he is gay.
On May 2, Cruise sued gay porn star Kyle Bradford, who's real name is Chad Slater after he allegedly told a French magazine that he was the actor's lover. Slater has since said he has never spoken to the publication, and that the report was totally false.
A suit against Slater's wife was later dropped along with one against a man who claimed to have a video of Cruise having gay sex.

Ellen Returns

2001 marked the return of Ellen DeGeneris to television.
In the Ellen show she is still gay, but the scripts, of which she is head writer, do not dwell on the subject.
Elsewhere on TV, the north American version of Queer as Folk is picked up for a second season, and television gets its first transgendered regular character in a series, "The Education of Max Bickford". Elton John draws the wrath of gay groups when he performs a duet with homophobic rapper Eminem on the Grammy awards.

Queer-End Quiz 2001

by K.T. Drasky
The new millennium seems like it's going to take some getting used to. The way we live now is vastly different than the way we did just a year ago, when the most searched for item was a temporarily missing Anne Heche. One thing that hasn't changed too much, though, is the penchant for lesbigay people and our admirers to make the news. Whether or not you paid attention to the gays of our lives in 2001 can be quickly determined. Take LesbiaNation's Queer-End Quiz and see how little--or how much--you let more significant world events get in your way of enjoying some good, old-fashioned juicy gossip!
The Ellen Show
1.After several delays due to the events of September 11, Ellen DeGeneres finally got her evening to shine as the host of the 2001 Emmy Awards. What did she say that put Osama bin Laden's turban into a spin?
a. "With a little make-up and a shave you'd look remarkably like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard."
b. "What bugs the Taliban more than seeing a gay woman in a suit surrounded by Jews?"
c. "I've been thinking about opening a little after hours club in one of your caves."
d. "Have you--or anyone else in this auditorium--seen my new show?''
Second Acts
2. Jodie Foster did what for the second time?
a. Came out
b. Posed nude
c. Gave birth
d. Made a cameo on Will & Grace
Where the Girls Are
3. Girlfriends magazine named the Top 10 cities in the U.S. for lesbians to live. What city is number 1?
a. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
b. Northampton, Massachusetts
c. Tarzana, California
d. Orlando, Florida
15 Minutes (or Less) of Fame Dept.
4. Paula Poundstone made headlines in 2001-what for?
a. A new line of perfumed neckties
b. A feature film pitch that would depict her life with co-mom Rosie O'Donnell. Working title: "Yours, Mine... and Who Does This Kid Belong To?"
c. Alleged child molestation related to drug and alcohol abuse problems
d. Opening a lesbian after hours club in a cave in Tarzana, California
5. Sinead O'Connor once again attempted to shock the world with her crazy antics. What did she do this time?
a. Married a woman
b. Married a man
c. Married a horse
d. Married the Taliban
6. Anne Heche spent a good part of 2001 celebrating her re-entry into...
a. Heterosexuality
b. The Betty Ford Clinic
c. Earth
d. Acting
Bad Hair Day
7. Hugh Grant declared to Talk magazine
a. "Underneath this wig, I am as bald as Sinead O'Connor!"
b. "I went for a Sir Elton look and all I got was this lousy lesbian-looking 'do."
c. "I went and tried to have a trendy haircut and now I look like a lesbian on the female tennis circuit."
d. "I know a lot of people liked Billie Jean King with the perm, but I always preferred her with a shag."
Queens of De Nile
8. Whitney Houston took the time to assure us that
a. She is not a lesbian
b. She does not inhale, through any orifice
c. She is really not Bobby Brown in drag
d. She is not dead
9. Who was Bette Midler referring to when she said, "All these rumors about him being gay--I don't believe it. He hasn't been to one of my shows!"
a. Elton John
b. Hugh Grant
c. Tom Cruise
d. Whitney Houston
The Etheridge Files
10. 2001 was a big year for Melissa Etheridge, with a new CD, new autobiography and new love interest that made her say, "I want to jump up and down and go 'woo-woo'!" Who is the Woo-Woo Girl?
a. Sarah Michelle Gellar
b. Sarah Jessica Parker
c. Tammy Lynn Michaels
d. Kathy Lee Gifford

Answers: 1. (b); 2 (c); 3 (a); 4 (c); 5 (b); 6 (a); 7 (c); 8 (d); 9 (c); 10 (c)Score: All 10 correct--Congratulations! You haven't missed a single Tammy Fo column all year long! Collect your prize: One high-speed Lesbian Media Blender.

7-9 correct--Shallow Hallie. You sure know how to not let any hard news get in your way! Your prize would be a year's subscription to Vanity Fair, but we have a pretty good idea you're already a subscriber.
4-6 correct--Curious, but not Obsessed. You obviously spend more time watching MSNBC's Ashleigh Banfield--not that there's anything wrong with that.
2-3 correct--Radio Head. So, you're one of those NPR chicks, huh? 1 or less--Where have you been all year, darling? In a cave?

Neighbors want Web porn site shut down

By Rene Stutzman Sentinel Staff Writer
December 30, 2001
No one knew much about the half-dozen attractive young men who moved into the big two-story house near Lake Brantley until a neighbor boy misfired a water balloon and broke a window into the world of cybersex.
That was when neighbors got a look inside and figured out the men were running a 24-hour gay pornography site.
Now, people in the tony Brantley Harbor subdivision, just north of Altamonte Springs, want authorities to shut the men down.
Welcome to a neighborhood brouhaha for the Internet Age, one that mixes the world of cyberporn with family values, property rights, homeowner associations and lawyers.
"When I saw the Web site, I was pretty much shocked that something like that would be running out of a normal, everyday family neighborhood," said George Donovan, who lives across the street and three doors down.
Charles Foulk, who leases the house, runs the Web site and is one of five men living there, says they cause no more commotion than any other household in the neighborhood.
Indeed, no one knew what went on in the house until that water balloon broke the window and neighbors came to apologize and fix it.
When the front door opened, they saw an array of cameras and posters advertising the site. A curious neighbor logged on, launching Brantley Harbor into a firestorm of controversy.
"Would you want to live next to it?" asked Roger Meyer, who lives across the street.
Neighbors have complained to everyone they can think of -- the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, the county Planning and Zoning Department and their own homeowners association.
They've gotten nowhere.
The homeowners association has asked the men to move. They've refused.
Deputy sheriffs have investigated and backed away. "They haven't violated any laws," said sheriff's spokesman Steve Olson.
It's not clear whether county zoning authorities can do anything. They're studying options.
In the meantime, the new neighbors say they have no intention of moving.
"Why would we move?" said Foulk, 33, who uses the pseudonym "Zac Adams" online. "If your neighbors don't like you, do you think you should have to move?"
Just a slice of life
The way Foulk describes it, he and his roommates are simply living their lives and letting 24 cameras scattered throughout the house capture that.
However, if you log onto the Web site, what hits you in the face is sex. Much of it is restricted to a member's-only area, available only to people willing to pay up to $17.95 a month. Even the free site has pictures of men having sex with each other, although their genitals are obscured.
Those things are there "because that's what brings in members to pay the bills," Foulk said. "We are not harming anybody. I don't see how it is affecting the neighborhood."
The neighbors disagree.
"It's not like he's auctioning stuff on eBay. He's running a full-blown adult pornographic Web site," said Donovan, the neighbor.
One day, next-door neighbor Jesus Rodriguez saw "10 naked guys running around, jumping from the pool to the Jacuzzi. My wife's parents were here."
Another time, another neighbor, a 13-year-old girl, saw nude men playing in the back yard, said her father, James Darling.
On a third occasion, a man answered the door in the nude, said Jeff Risner, a neighbor who witnessed the occurrence.
The back yard is bordered on three sides by a 6-foot privacy fence, but neighbors with decks and two-story houses say they can still see what goes on back there. Foulk acknowledges the sexual activity, but said if neighbors are seeing anything, it is because they're intentionally peeping. He insists he is a good neighbor.
"We have a nice yard. We keep it clean," he said. "We're polite, pleasant."
It is a nice house: 4,300 square feet with a huge back yard. Its assessed value is $182,000. The owner is Judith Crago, a Maitland real-estate agent who bought the property in April for $105,000, half what it sold for a year earlier. She would not discuss her tenants.
Several people in the neighborhood -- even those who want the men out -- agree that the place is tidy and say the men have become more discreet in recent weeks.
"They'd be great neighbors if they'd just shut down the Web site," said John McDonald, who lives directly across the street.
Some neighbors, though, are troubled by roommate turnover. They call it a boardinghouse. Foulk said three of the six original roommates from August have left.
Precedent already set
Seminole County officials and neighbors would have a slam-dunk case against Foulk's business were it not for a federal court ruling in September.
The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said a 24-hour soft-core porn Web site in Tampa had the legal right to operate in a family neighborhood.
Because its customers did not come to the house in person, the business had no impact on neighbors, the court ruled.
That makes this case especially vexing for Seminole County, which went through a wrenching rewrite of its adult-entertainment ordinance in 1997 and 1998 in a successful effort to clean up its strip-bar district -- Fern Park and the stretch of U.S. Highway 17-92 near State Road 436.
If the county stuck by those 3-year-old local rules, its course of action would be clear: It would close the business or order it to one of two very unattractive sites: a spot near Sanford's rail yard or another one behind a beer warehouse about 2 miles away.
Initially, Seminole County attorneys said there was simply nothing authorities could do.
That may be about to change, said Don Fisher, head of county zoning.
The county has hired attorney Rick Nelson, an expert on pornography and obscenity regulation, to search for a way -- if it exists -- to force the business out of Brantley Harbor.
Nelson would not discuss the case.
Business is vulnerable
The business, though, appears to be vulnerable on two points: It is a business operating in a residential neighborhood, which violates county land-use regulations as well as homeowners association rules.
The county could shut down the business or the homeowners association could sue, asking a judge to do the same.
The homeowners association also could sue for another reason: Its rules call for each house in the neighborhood to be occupied by a single family.
Paul Wean, an attorney for the homeowners association, said the roommates are not a family but business employees.
They sign a contract, agreeing to give up their privacy in exchange for free rent and utilities and a small percentage of the take, if it tops $20,000 a month.
David Wasserman, the Web site's attorney, predicted any legal challenge would fail. What Foulk and the four others are doing is perfectly legal, he contends.
Foulk insists the real issue is that he and his roommates are gay.
"We're five gay guys living here, and they don't like it," he said.
The neighbors, though, say that is not the issue.
"I think we'd have as much concern whether it was a heterosexual or homosexual site," said Donovan.
Residents simply do not want a Web-based porn site as a neighbor, said Darling, who lives next door.
So, what will happen? It's not clear. What is clear is that Foulk is intent on staying.
"It's a toughie," said homeowners association president Bill Marcous. "Homeowners associations tend to work on things like painting issues, high grass, stuff like this. This is one for the new millennium, I guess."
Rene Stutzman can be reached at or 407-324-7294. Copyright © 2001, Orlando Sentinel

Second older gay man found slain

Police seeking witness as link in cases
For the second time in three weeks, an older gay man, living alone, has been found killed in his home, his car stolen, in Miami's bayfront Edgewater area.
Police are asking gay residents for help, and warning them to be vigilant.
``We want to get word out to the community, particularly the gay community,'' Miami police Lt. Bill Schwartz said Saturday. ``We have a situation that can be dangerous to them. We're asking the gay community for help.''
The body of Ward Howard Everitt, 59, was discovered Saturday on the sixth floor of his Bayside Terrace condominium, 505 NE 30th St. Police said the slaying bore a striking resemblance to the Dec. 6 killing of Elso Tomas Morales, 70.
Like Everitt -- who friends said volunteered at a Biscayne Boulevard social services program called The Village -- police said Morales was known to ``lend a helping hand to down-and-out people by bringing them into his home.''
Police also pointed to another possible link: They said they would very much like to speak with Frank Espada, 31, of 756 NW 12th St., listed as a witness in both homicide investigations.
``Detectives are stopping just short of calling him a suspect,'' Schwartz said. ``But he was a witness in the first homicide, and he was also spotted in Mr. Everitt's car in recent days with an older white male.''
A friend of Everitt's found his body just before 11 a.m. Saturday. Police, not wanting to tip off the killer, would not release details of the slaying. Schwartz did say both Morales and Everitt ``died the same way.''
``They died a violent death,'' he said.
Morales was found sprawled on his bed at his home in the 500 block of Northeast 38th Street. Police said an article of clothing was wrapped around his face. His stolen white Chrysler was found days later about seven blocks away.
Police are looking for Everitt's 1991 silver-blue Ford station wagon. The license plate number is F95-ETL. Crime scene investigators towed away another car Everitt owned, a red, two-door Honda Prelude, on Saturday afternoon.
Worried that he had not seen Everitt for several days, Everitt's friend contacted the victim's brother, Michael Everitt, at his Palm Beach Gardens home. He was told to try to enter Everitt's apartment, No. 604.
An officer at the scene estimated Everitt had been killed at least two or three days earlier. No one in the pink, seven-story complex heard any unusual commotion, the officer said.
If the officer's time of death is correct, then Cynthia Weis may have been one of the last people to speak to Everitt. He was directing Weis in the rehearsal of a play called Snow White and the Seven Characters at the Lambda House on Biscayne Boulevard Wednesday afternoon.
``We talked about the holidays, and everything was fine,'' Weis said.
Weis said she called Everitt on his cellphone Wednesday evening before 9 p.m. He was not as relaxed that time, she said.
``He seemed OK initially,'' Weis said. ``But when I asked how his holiday was, he said, `I really need to go,' '' then he cut me off.''
Weis said she didn't know where Everitt was at the time of the call. She said there was another rehearsal planned for Saturday morning. When Everitt didn't show, she became nervous and called his cellphone again. The machine said his mailbox was full.
``I was little concerned,'' Weis said. ``He's very anal about being on time.''
Michael Everitt and his wife, Marlene, raced down to Miami on Saturday afternoon. The couple said Ward Everitt had spent part of the Christmas holidays at their home with them and their three children, and they became worried when they didn't get their usual Saturday morning phone call from him.
``Apparently, my brother is dead, and I don't know who did it,'' said Michael Everitt. ``He was my older brother. He was like a father to me.''
Michael Everitt said his brother had lived in the apartment for more than 10 years. He had lived alone since his lover died of AIDS about five years ago.
``I hope this is not a pattern, and his death is not in vain,'' Michael Everitt said.
When gay-rights advocate Gary Knight heard of the deaths, he said he was glad the police were informing the public.
``It's something to be alarmed about. We've worked with the police in the past handing out fliers and getting the word out. We need people to be more aware,'' said Knight, executive director of the Dade Human Rights Foundation.
Everitt, by all accounts a friendly man, dabbled in home renovations and was part-owner of Lincoln Road's Treat Street, a gourmet ice cream parlor.
His business partner, Joe Adolina, did not comment Saturday, and instructed his staff not to comment.
Lauren Kramer, 18, who lived a floor above Everitt, described him as ``sweet and kind.''
She said she met him a few years ago because a good friend of hers worked for him. They had lived in the same building for more than six months.
``He was so sweet and friendly,'' said Kramer, who said Everitt would often initiate conversation. ``But whenever I saw him, he was always alone.''
Michael Everitt issued this statement: ``I want his killer. If it is a homicide, I want his killer caught.''
Herald staff writer Anabelle de Gale contributed to this report.
© 2001 The Miami Herald and wire service sources. All Rights Reserved.

Arrest made in Dade slaying

Police say ex-convict confessed to the murder of older, gay man
Miami homicide detectives late Sunday arrested an ex-convict and charged him with the murder of one of two gay men found dead in their Edgewater homes this month.
``We got him,'' said lead Miami homicide detective Emiliano Tamayo. ``He confessed.''
Oscar Cruz, 30, who earlier Sunday had been identified as yet another possible suspect, was picked up at 276 NE 78th Street soon after the victim's vehicle was found parked nearby. Immediately after being taken into custody for questioning, police said, Cruz confessed to killing his former roommate Ward Howard Everitt, 59, whose body was discovered Saturday in his Bayside Terrace Condominium, 505 NE 30th St.
Police announced Cruz's arrest after 11 p.m. Sunday. He was charged with first degree murder, armed robbery and grand theft auto.
Detectives said Everitt and Cruz had lived together until about a month ago when Cruz served 30 days in jail for strong-arm robbery.
``Cruz came to the apartment and there was a violent dispute between the two men,'' Tamayo said.
Everitt was stabbed to death and also suffered blunt trauma to the head, said Tamayo.
The gruesome murder, which came a few weeks after the killing of Elso Tomás Morales, had initially prompted police to fear that someone was targeting older gay men. They issued a warning to the gay community and released pictures of a man they wanted for questioning, Francisco Espada.
With Cruz's arrest, police cleared Espada, 32.
``He had nothing to do with this murder,'' Tamayo said. ``I'm convinced of that.''
Focus had fallen on Espada because of his alleged reputation for cruising Biscayne Boulevard.
Everitt and the first victim, Morales, 67, also were known to have frequented the boulevard.
A third man whom police wanted to question also was cleared.
Morales was found in his own apartment eight blocks from Everitt's on Dec. 6. His murder remains unsolved.
Both men met violent deaths, detectives said.
In both instances, the victims' cars were taken. Morales' white Chrysler was taken and later found abandoned. Police were searching for Everitt's dark-tinted Silver Ford Crown Victoria Station Wagon which was located late Sunday at the apartment complex where Cruz was arrested.
Despite the similarities between the two slayings, Detective Tamayo said it's premature to conclude that the slayings are the work of one person.
After first saying they wanted to question Espada, police on Sunday added Cruz and George Rosado. Both are ex-convicts who Everitt mentored in a substance-abuse program. Both men listed Everitt's Northeast 30th Street apartment as their last home address. Crime-scene investigators combed through Everitt's apartment on Sunday, looking for evidence.
Family photos lay scattered through the apartment that opens to a view of the Julia Tuttle Causeway, stretching across the bay. Everitt had also been dead for at least a few days before he was found on Saturday. Crime technicians doused chemicals to curb the smell of his decomposed body.
© 2001 The Miami Herald and wire service sources. All Rights Reserved.

California Partnership Registry Becomes Law

by Newscenter Staff
(December 31, Los Angeles) A sweeping new partnership union law comes into effect in California New Year's Day.
It will expand domestic partner rights for gay, lesbian and senior partners registered with the secretary of state's office, granting many of the rights now reserved for married couples, such as the ability to make medical decisions for incapacitated partners, adopt a partner's child and will property to partners.
Some 16,000 gay, lesbian and senior partners pre-registered registered.
The law was signed into effect by Gov. Gray Davis with the former partner of San Franciscan Mark Bingham, a victim of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks at his side.
"Given what happened, I think Mark would want me here," said resident Paul Holm, 40, at the signing.
The new law puts California second only to Vermont in granting legal rights to domestic partners. Vermont is the only state with a formal civil union law. The federal government and 36 states already have measures that refuse to recognize gay marriages.

Ottawa Hospital Seeks "HIV Salvage Therapy"

by Ben Thompson National Editor in Ottawa
(December 31, Ottawa) A worldwide effort is underway to find a new AIDS treatment for people who have "outgrown" the traditional cocktail of drugs now being used.
The anti-viral cocktails have saved thousands of lives since the drugs were developed a decade ago, but, for a substantial number of patients the treatments fail.
The failure comes from a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is the body becomes used to it and the virus is able to manipulate its way around it. In short, doctors say many people just outgrow it.
The Ottawa Hospital will be the lead Canadian site in the international 'Optima' study.
Among the different strategies it will test are stopping treatment altogether for months at a time to bombarding patients with mega therapy using a half dozen or more different toxic drugs.
80 centres across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom will take part in the study.
Dr Bill Cameron, the lead Canadian researcher for the trial said: "This will address a pressing need for patients who have used, and lost, their treatment options." The number of people in Canada living with the human immunodeficiency virus or AIDS climbed to an estimated 49,800 in 1999, up from about 40,000 in 1996.

Death Threats After Dean Comes Out

Mary Ellen Peterson Newscenter in Los Angeles
(December 31, Los Angeles) The dean of a small California college has received death threats after coming out in a letter to the campus newspaper.
Kay Andrews, who taught sociology in rural Virginia before coming to Cypress College in July as dean of the social science division, said she was startled to encounter such hostility in California.
After receiving two death threats she went to the college administration. But, Andrews accuses the college, east of Long Beach, of being more concerned about its image than protecting her. She says the college attempted to cover up the incidents, until she lodged a formal complaint with the County Human Rights Commission.
She tells the Los Angeles Times "I expected tolerance," Andrews said. "I didn't expect full acceptance. I expected people would say, 'She's gay and so what.' It wasn't that way."
After she complained to the human rights commission,, campus security spent a day in training with the Orange County Human Relations Commission on hate crimes and diversity, and top administrators had a half-day session. In addition the chancellor of the North Orange County Community College District, which consists of Cypress and Fullerton colleges, has met with the gay employees group and expressed his support at a district board meeting.

Ireland Grows More GLBT Tolerant

by Jon ben Asher Newscenter in London
(December 31, London) A new survey on sexual attitudes in the Republic of Ireland shows the country is becoming more tolerant.
One-third of the people polled said gays and lesbians should have the right to marry. That is a marked improvement from a similar survey several years ago showing almost 80 per cent of the population believed GL marriage was "sinful".
But, Ireland is still not ready for gay parenthood. Two-thirds of the people said it is "unacceptable".
Attitudes towards sex in general are becoming more liberalized.
The survey found that more than two-thirds of the population believe it is acceptable to live with a partner before marriage. The survey was done by IMS for the Irish Independent newspaper.

The Weakest Drag

Editors note: This is the BBC version of "The Weakest Link" and will not be seen in the U.S.

by Peter Moore Newscenter in London
(December 31, London) The New Year will begin with Britain finding out who is the Weakest Drag Queen in England.
Anne Robinson will come up against nine drag queens in the New Year's Day edition of the Weakest Link.
Viewers will see Sassy, Baroness, Sandra, Zoe, Bryan, Betty, Dave, Lola and Crystal battle it out to see who is the weakest link.
The show was taped last week in London.
Robinson's acidic put-downs include "Whose falsies are drooping?" and "Which queen needs to abdicate?".
When they manage $200 (Cdn) out of a possible $2,000 on the first round Anne asks: "Who shouldn't have dragged themselves out of bed?"
The drags hit back with comments about Anne's ginger hair and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. The BBC says it wanted contestants who could be just as bitchy as Anne.

Cybersex Addiction

A recent online survey into cybersex habits has concluded that around 7% of gay male Internet users are addicted to cybersex.
Al Cooper, a psychologist involved in the survey, told Reuters that spending significant hours a week on Internet porn sites and sex chat rooms were signifiers of online sexual compulsion.
The survey, conducted by MSNBC and the Marital and Sexuality Centre of San Jose, revealed that users engaged in cybersex for an average of 5.7 hours per week.
This compulsive behaviour is so significant that it often affects off-line relationships. Cooper added that those addicted to cybersex reported a decline in sexual activity with offline partners.
Other symptoms of the condition are thought to include disruptive sleep patterns, lying or being secretive about Internet activity or getting into financial difficulty because of excessive Internet use. © 1999, 2001 Rainbow Network. All Rights Reserved. Partnered with New Media Spark.

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